Depending on the month, up to a third of our food may come from congregation members at Christ Alive! Community Church and our "angel" donor. The rest comes from vendors like Heart of Illinois Harvest (which delivers baked goods to our doors once a week), Peoria Area Food Bank (where we purchase low-cost or get free food once or twice a month), Midwest Food Bank (where we pick up free food once a month), and other vendors like Schnuck's in Peoria, and Mediterannean Mart in Peoria. We make small contributions to our major vendors each year, but my heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our suppliers, individual and corporate, who make giving a priority in this region. Without our fantastic volunteers, of course, none of this could happen either. And last, but certainly not least, our leader, Pastor Lance Zaerr, has provided the vision for this pantry, lifting it from supporting a few families a month to over 100 families each month. I'm blessed to be working with all these people!